October 14, 2017
We got a free hour of play at Amazonia from ByKidO! Hurray!

The receiving area is quite spacious. There were so many shoe rack. Perhaps it's crowded on weekends? Luckily we came on a weekday.

There was a small shop just as you enter the playground. Pretty strategic as my Paopao cried and wanted one as we were leaving. 😶

We had no idea how big the playground was as there was no clue from outside. We went through this corridor.

And was welcomed by this tiny playground. Paopao had fun with the Lego. But yeah, we have lots at home.

Then there was the restaurant.

The playground itself was a bit disappointing. It was too small. And there really wasn't much that the kids could do.

There was a mini toddler area.

Space Ball wasn't free.

The party rooms were a bit small.

We didn't get to try the restaurant as we were only there for an hour. But they seemed pretty decent.

Event Details

Datetill Dec 31
level 3 Unit #03-08,
1 Kim Seng Promenade,
Singapore , 237994.
Official SiteLink
Give me time and space, freedom from rules and structures. I need you to let me ... PLAY!

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