Ang Dalawang Mrs Reyes

March 15, 2018

The hugot lines on this money is so relatable!

“Paano ang gusto mo? Minsan sinasabi nating okay tapos masasakal ka na. Balang-araw mapupuno ka na lang at ayaw mo na pala.” – Felix Reyes (JC de Vera)

Relationship is about give and take. Don't give everything and be tired and be abused. 

“Gusto kitang sampalin. Gusto kitang saktan. Gusto kong sumigaw.” – Lianne

Cheating and being cheated on is not funny. You get angry. You go through denial.

“Ganun ba talaga kapag nawala na ang love mo sa isang tao? Kung gaano mo siya ka-love ganun mo rin siya ka-hate?” – Macey

Maybe at the beginning. Yes. Because the amount of love is the amount of  disappointment.

”But the most loving thing for me to do is to leave you and set you free. I’m sorry.” Tae mo!” – Cindy

At least in this movie the guilty parties had the guts to admit their mistakes. Even if 

“Hanggang wala tayong go signal walang liligaya.” – Cindy  

"Malungkot tayo tapos sila masaya? Ay, hindi puwede ‘yun! Walang liligaya!” – Cindy

“Gusto ko lang naman makita silang mag-suffer. The sooner the better.” – Lianne

Who  wouldn't get angry? Who wouldn't want revenge? It's basic human nature to feel this way the minute you find you go are being cheated on.

“Nice? Nice??? How can you say that? Siya ang dahilan kung bakit nasisira ang pamilya natin.” – Lianne to Macey

Of course they would pretend to be nice! They want sympathy. And it's easy for other to say this. Try nyo kaya swap tayo ng place?

“Kung pinahalagahan mo si Gary baka hindi ka niya iniwan para sa isang bakla.” – Gladys Reyes

Sometimes, we expect our closest friends to understand and take our side. But we forget that everyone has their own battle to face. In this case, Gladys was cheating on her husband on this movie. I don't know why they added this part in the story. But....  just to add towards the end of the movie Gladys and JA remained friends. This is 

“Tayo na nga ang sinaktan, tayo pa ang expected umintindi.” – Cindy

I can totally relate to this. And I have seen this twice last year. No remorse, no guilt. Pure arrogance and self entitlement.

“Hindi lahat ng gusto mo makukuha mo!” – Cindy

Yes because they are selfish.

“We have to make a decision to forgive.” – Carmi Martin

I can totally relate to this. And I have seen this twice last year. No remorse, no guilt. Pure arrogance and self entitlement.

“Dahan-dahan kong tinatanggap ang lahat. Kailangan eh. Sa paraan na ‘yun lang mapapalaya ang sarili ko.” – Cindy

I'm cool with forgiveness. But acceptance is not something that I'm ready to face. I  don't think I can  be friends with them because the most basic foundation of friendship is trust and they certainly will not get it in this lifetime.

“Lianne, the best revenge is to be happy. To live the best life you can.” 

But just because you can't be friends  doesn't mean you can't forgive and move on and be happy.

“I may have lost a husband, but I gained a sister in you.” – Lianne

Even though they attempted to make everything funny in this movie. One thing is for sure, being cheated on is not funny. 

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