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March 28, 2018
Himalaya Cold Balm
Because the boys are always coughing. Seems like these days we are obsessing on Eucalyptus.
Got this from a friend who just arrived from India.

BioGlan Probiotics
Mamon is always having upset stomach. This probiotics ensures that it is dealt with.

Nano Biogenies Metabolites
Mamon shares this Nano immune booster with Paopao. 

Blackmores Omega-3
Mamon drinks this in the morning for healthy brain development

Young Living Essential Oils
This was a gift from a colleague for my boys. We usually rub this on the pulse and the feet just before sleeping. It makes Mamon sleep better.

Propan TLC
The boys used to drink this every morning until we ran out of supply (just recently a friend who came back from Manila brought us 2 bottles). Paopao will continue drinking this every morning as his appetite is not really good apart from being a picky eater. 

Will stop this for Mamon because of the Adverse Effects warning. Impairment of cognitive recognition. Totally opposite with what we are trying to achieve with Mamon.

Holland & Barrett Pre-Vites plus Iron
Instead of Propan, Mamon is drinking this as his multivits. I purposely chose this because of high B12. Will stop this once his MB-12 arrive.

 Being healthy and fit isn't a fad or a trend. Instead, it is a lifestyle.

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