Going Gluten Free: Day 33: Grilled Chiken with Lemon Sauce

April 20, 2018
[Gluten Free Day 33: Friday]

Scrambled Egg
Morning Snacks
 Flakes, Honey Cereals
Grilled Chiken with Lemon Sauce
      Afternoon Snacks
      Same as lunch
      Night Snacks
      Strawberry Cereals


      It's a special day today! Today Mamon turns 5!!! He greeted me in the morning with huge smile perfect eye contact. He was looking at  me directly as I sang him happy birthday!

      “And now I know it is perfectly natural for me not to look at someone when I talk. Those of us with Asperger’s are just not comfortable doing it. In fact, I don’t really understand why it’s considered normal to stare at someone’s eyeballs,” John Elder Robison

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