Herbal Massage - Crystal Leaf

Heated herbal compress technique offers several potential health benefit, deep relaxation relieves stress and fatigue, boosts both emotional + physical well being, assists alignment postural integrity of the body, improve circulation of blood and lymph stimulates the internal organ.

It started with foot soak with flower petals. But it was too fast. I think less than 5 minutes.

I chose Herbal Massage as I wanted a different technique. My lower back was still killing me and the day at the CIQ did not help at all so I decided to have massage at the DoubleTree Hilton.

I thought the massage was too soft. Almost not feeling anything but the heat coming from the herbal thing. In fact, I couldn't sleep well after the massage. Usually massage helps to give me better sleep. But I was surprised to have my back issues fixed the next day. I guess I didn't need hard massage after all. :D

I loved the Ginger tea that they served after the massage.

It was not the best massage. And the place was not at par the Hilton brand despite being of the same price range. I could hear the chatter from the other rooms and the kids screaming outside. It was not the best place to relax. The staff were very friendly though.

01-02,Menara Landmark,(Lobby Double Tree Hotel) No 12,Jalan Ngee Heng,Johor Bahru 80000 


A good weekend starts with a positive attitude and a good massage.

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