Then they grow up...

April 24, 2018

I'm not sure if I have posted this already.

One time on a bus ride going back from office, I saw a young man smiling to everyone on the bus. I was busy playing at that time. But he caught my attention. He seemed to be showing a paper to everyone around him. Well, there's a lot of people doing it selling or asking for money. But I thought he was weird. Freaky in fact.

Then I don't know what came over me. Usually I would avoid such people at all cost. But that night I went to the guy and asked what the paper is about. He showed me.

It said, "Hi I'm xxx. I have autism and needs help in alighting to bus stop xxx. I live in xxx. Don't give me money or follow me around. Just help me get to the correct stop. Thank you."


My heart was crushed.

#1 I'm stupid. I'm judgemental. I thought he was freaky. Why did I feel that way. I'm stupid.

#2 Everyone around him are mean. No one bothered to read the paper. He needed help. The world was not ready to help.

His stop was few stops after mine. I asked everyone around who is alighting there. To ensure that he will be told to alight correctly. None wanted to commit. None wanted to help.

Despite the fact that I'm rushing I was determined to bring him to his stop if I could not find someone else to help. Luckily for me a young lady probably saw my dilemma and offered to assist him.

I had to fight my tears all throughout the rest of the journey.

When I reached my stop, he smiled at me. And waved goodbye.

I cried.

My Mamon. One day he will grow up like him. Now he laughs and smiles a lot on his own. It's cute. It's adorable. He is young. When he grows up and smiles and laughs like that alone. He will be branded creepy. I dread that day.

This young man was lucky. At least he can go out alone. He may need a little help. But at least he can go out alone. I'm not even sure we could reach that stage. Can my Mamon ever be able to survive on his own. To be independent?

One day all the kids at his school will grow up. What will happen to them?

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