Violent Love

May 07, 2018
In the news recently was the article about the Filipino couple involved in the murder-suicide incident with their 14 yr old witnessing the fight and their death. A colleague says it was due to the guy cheating.

As a person who's been cheated on (Insulted. Degraded. And may I add, continues to be insulted and hurdled anger year after), my thoughts is that if it's true that they fought because of cheating, the wife was worse than the husband.

The pain of cheating will wear off. Sure. It's painful as hell. But as a mother, our children comes first.  The trauma that this incident caused her daughter is unimaginable. She will carry it for the rest of her life. And she will carry it ALONE. That is just so sad. As a mother, it was a total failure. While I sympathize with her being victim of cheating, what she did was worse and uncalled for.

In my experience, killing the other party never occurred. Not for a millisecond. Not from my hands. Not from my intentions. 

Well, during the peak of my anger, I thought maybe he could just die. But die alone. Don't bring me into it. Let karma do it's job.

Moms, things to consider before you get violent.
#1 Who will take care of the kids? They will suffer. As mother, it is our duty to keep them safe and free from suffering.
#2 You will go to hell and meet him there again. Shit. That would be absolutely terrible.
#3 You will go to hell and not see your kids again. Because they both will be in heaven. Shit. That is unacceptable!
#4 Logistics. Imagine the horrors of logistics. Terrible mess.
#5 He is just not worth it. Why would one waste her life on someone who cheated? The fact he cheated means he's not worth it. Why die or kill for someone like that? Just plain illogical.

We cannot clear the world of cheating husbands and sluts. We can't cure them. We can't help them. We can hate them but it will burden you as you continue hating. Best is to stay away from them. And it's not so bad. Life moves on. Karma will settle it for you.

I always believe that God gives you what you think you don't need but actually need. So we just have to let him guide us.

I pray for the daughter. I pray for those suffering now because of cheating partners. But never let anger get into you. You are stronger than you ever think you are and can be. Talk to friends. Talk to God. Do not let anger build up. 

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