Wrong logic

June 17, 2019

Saw this post on Facebook by a friend regarding Pres Duterte's lack of "words" against the recent incident between the Filipino fishermen and the Chinese vessels at the disputed seas.

My 2 cents. Well, if this is true that it has happened before during Pres Aquino's time and nothing was done, it tells us that Pres Aquino was wrong. It was a mistake that we should not repeat.  Just because the ex president made a mistake doesn't  mean that the current president must follow the same path. He has to be better. We have to. We have seen it before and we've been wronged. Why should we let it happen again?

I really really wish that we stop the Duterte-Dilawan war. We are Filipinos. For the Philippines. Not for any politicians.

This Filipino mentality, makes being Filipino tiring. #NothingPersonal 

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