DIY Safari Costume for Boy

November 13, 2019
My son's school is notorious for giving super late notice for costume requirements. I had 1 week notice. Ordering on line was not an option. We searched Singapore. From Vivo to Waterway. From Raffles to Jurong East. From Pasir Ris to Boon Lay. Nothing. Spent good 4 days.

I had a friend coming from the Philippines, so I considered asking her to buy but surprise surprise. The teacher said they needed it today for dress rehearsal. And my friend isn't arriving till Friday. 

Well, a mom got to do what she got to do right.

I headed to Spotlight and bought a meter of this cloth.

With no sewing machine, I had to rely on my sewing skills which I learned 27 years ago and haven't practiced for maybe anoth 20 years.

So here we go, I made the pattern from a construction vest that my son had.

Then just decided to add more pockets of different sizes.

Almost there!

A few accessories won't hurt. I printed some badge and name tag and laminated it.

And or final look!

Because we had extra cloth (we actually need only .5m for one vest), decided to make one for Yummy because he says he needs one to show Mamon's classmates that he is supporting his brother and that they are on the same team.

It was tough! But I didn't realize it would be fun. Not perfect but definitely pass!

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