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The original date we tried to book was already filled up thus we can only settle for the next Sunday which wasn't actually bad because it's Daniel's real birthday. Unfortunately, only Party Cove was available. I couldn't find any picture of the Party Cove because they only show the Celebration Island on their FB and official site.

Email reply is very slow. TIP #1: PM them on Facebook, then you'll get reply faster. :)

Here's what the park rep sent me:

Not bad eh? A bit small but anyway I don't have many guests. 

The package is $599 for 15 kids. Inclusive of kids admission, 2 hours use of tent and kids meal. Exclusive of adult food and curio coins. Although the party is 3-5pm, the guests are welcome to the park the whole day where they can enjoy water play and the pirate ship.

The tent is available 30-45 minutes before the party (I'll try to bargain on this because 30 minutes doesn't seem like enough time to decorate the place). Tables and chairs are included, I inquired if I can request for extra tables and the rep said it's ok.

Here's the menu for adults (plus a few more ala carte from Port Belly). I plan to order maybe 4-5 sets of this plus pasta for each adult guest. It should be enough?

And for the kids...

The map to lead your guests...

UPDATE : 22 Apr 2014

- The party area is private. You get a green lawn and concrete lawn. Pretty big space really
- Party at 3pm means you get free decors and balloons because of the last party that left. In the end, we didnt bother inflate our balloons or display our banners because the place was pretty full of decors already (not to mention no time to pull them out)
- The total bill came about $1.2k it was ok if you consider the venue but not if u consider the amount of food served.

- Email communication was a disaster. Getting them to reply was sooo hard. And even when I got to talk to the party coordinator nothing of my pre orders came (except the food which I thought was their only concern)
- On the day of the event, we only have 1 assigned staff. she was tired and we were tired because of the chaos.
- The place was a mess when we arrived around 230pm. The first party haven't left yet, the staff haven't cleared the area yet. It was dirty and messy. Plus too much pressure because our guests started arriving when we barely began decorating! Just chaotic!
- I told the coordinator to put all the food at the center table for everyone to share. She did put the spaghetti and pizza but not the platter and the drinks. For the platter and the drinks she just placed everything on the left side of the party place which made my guests seated on the right side unhappy and uncomfy. They were asking how come theres no drinks and food at their area. It was very bad!
- I asked for high chair and none came!!!
- You can't order extra liter of softdrinks it will have to be per small bottle after the platter meal. It was burning hot, I was so tempted to sneak out at the nearby 7-11 to buy drinks!
- The kids meal was badly distributed and presented (wish I took a pix). Maybe its the reason why they never gave me a pix when I kept asking for it. It looked like left over food that I had 3-4 untouched because they just throw in the table without labels making people wary whether they are indeed left overs
- Our party started late (because of the earlier party) but we were being chased out on time. The kids didnt have enough time to enjoy the place. The adults didnt get to mingle a lot. We didn't get to have any games apart from the pinata.
- There's not enough electric fan! Hot hot hot!

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