Fairways and Bluewater

December 20, 2017
One post on Fairways and Bluewater would not be sufficient. The resort was amazing!

The reviews on this resort was mixed. Some loved it. But many complained of how far it was from the Boracay action. We spent half of our Boracay stay here.

The first night, they booked us in a room very near the Laguna cafe. They have acoustic nights and it was very loud for our liking. Well, the music was great. Unfortunately my boys are early sleepers and they need it as dark and quiet as possible. We asked for a room change but they didn’t have any other available room that night so we had to endure it.

The next night, they managed to find us a room at the 2nd floor. And it was much better. The music was not as loud, we had a balcony. Drying clothes took less than an hour. (How awesome is that? Haha)


The checkin process was very easy. The welcome drink was very much appreciated after the long trip from Singapore to Boracay.


Huge room! We took the Laguna Pool View and got 2 queen beds.  The room had so much space that the boys had so much fun running around the room.


Cable TV was great but we missed local shows haha. Everytime Paopao allowed us to shift channel we found ourselves staring at the commercials. WIFI access was great around the resort.


Kids will not get bored. My boys loved this playground. It came with a small library which Mamon really appreciated.


And when the kids get tired of the air conditioned room, they can enjoy in this small play area just beside Laguna Pool.


Room service was very fast. Pizza was average. But it solved hunger. 


The buffet was definitely not amazing. In fact, it was almost pathetic. Good thing, Kuya gave us bacon. It was not in the spread but you could request for it.


Pool. Pool. Pool. Pools. And more pools!

Laguna Pool was the nearest to us. It was so great that it was heated! Night swimming was not a problem!

Ventana Pool had amazing amazing view! I’d say this pool is for adults as honeymooners and western folks dominated the pool. We couldn’t stay long as the PDA was too much exposure for my boys. I was also afraid of the quality of the water with all those hugging and obvious lusty hugs going around (haha.. sorry for the term!).

Infinity Pool. There. We are are talking kid friendly. It also offered almost the same view as the Ventana Pool. I wish they had shower area and changing area though. We appeciate that they they offered to pump Paopao’s life vest (whew! saved all those air!)

Lucia Pool was a surprise. I thought it was plain and boring. It had jacuzzi, bar  and kiddy pool. And it was so near the entrance! (Note to self, book Lucia rooms next time!) The boys had fun pretending to order in the bar.

Atlantis Pool was the biggest. It was the last pool that we visited. A bit disappointed that despite the size it was not very clean. 

Infinity pool.

Cabana Pool.. uhhh.. unfortunately, we didn’t get to see it. Will go again. Haha.


We have seen how crowded the main stations were. To have the private beach all for ourselves was soooooo amazing! For 2 days we were swimming on our own on the 2 private beach. I’m not sure why they chose the other beach as the main beach. It was small and had more rocks. Well, they got fishes and starfish.

The other beach was a bit longer and the sand was finer and had less rocks. In fact it was almost like the main station. Almost but not quiet. 

But amazing just the same.

Without the crazy crowd. It was so peaceful here.


Yes, agree that that Fairways is a bit far. But the shuttle bus is so often that you don’t really have to wait for a long time. Whether transferring from one pool to another or going to the D’Mall.


Not one nasty staff! Everyone were so friendly and accommodating!


No we didn't try zipline. We will try it on our next visit though as we  are too young for it now. Haha. We kept staring at them though.


How thoughtful are these customized souveniers?!


 In a nutshell. We love Fairways.

Never underestimate the healing powers of these 3 things: the music, the ocean and the stars.

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