Things to do in Boracay - Parasail

December 28, 2017

We took a package to drive the Buggy and to do Parasailing for PHP 9k for 4 persons.

Parasailing is scary but looked fun to try. But it proved to be a challenge. In fact, We thought we couldn't do it. 

The first day we tried, we were too late. It was past 4:30pm and it became so windy that the control centre rejected us and asked us to come back the next day.

The second day we tried, there was typhoon in another province and so windy in Boracay. We were already at the middle of the sea and was turned back.

They actually said we can just refund our money. We had no issue with it. In fact, we felt like we escaped.

Or so we thought. Once we reached the shore, they told us we can go back again.

The third time we  went back to try, we got lucky and the wind cooperated.

We had one parasail with Ate Meh holding Mamon and Me holding Paopao. Paopao was so scared (as USUAL). Very angry with me for forcing him into the challenge. 

We took a speed boat from Station 1.
Transferred to the Station Control in the middle of the sea.
Transferred to another speed boat where they put in the vest and parachute stuff on us.
They made us sit on the edge of the boat where slowly we flew.
They pulled us back to the boat after 15 minutes.

As soon as we reached top, Paopao's fear became curiosity. He asked if he has become Superman and started flying. Funny chap. I think I was more scared than him at that point. But. The view was 
AMAZING. It was surreal. I think it was worth every centavo we paid for. It was so great to have shared this experience with my boys.

Open the wings of freedom and make your dreams come true of flying in the air.

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