Bangkok Jam

January 02, 2018
Service was really fast. And they were extremely friendly.

The boys loved the pineapple fried rice! Paopao almost finished it on his own except that Mamon was too fast. Haha.

I'm so glad that the rice is bigger than normal portion. At least Ate Meh and I could share.

I didn't like their white curry but Ate Meh loved it.

Red Ruby was not the best. Paopao loved the ice cream though.

Mamon, as expected, finished the entire sticky rice with mango.

It was such a treat that they have a bouncing playground! No need to squeeze at the 3rd floor playground! We found our new favorite restaurant!!!!

LocationMarina Square
Pax2 adults, 2 kids
Total Cost~$40
Official SiteLINK

Note: 1 lower, 5 highest
Final VerdictπŸ‘

"I like children, if they're properly cooked." W.C. Fields

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