Going Gluten Free: Day 27: Green Dot Bento

April 14, 2018
[Gluten Free Day 27: Saturday]

GF Vanilla Oatmeal
Morning Snacks
Animal Cookies
Green Dot Bento
      Afternoon Snacks
      Corn in a cup
      Pork Ribs with Old Cucumber Soup
      Night Snacks
      Honey Cereals

      Brought my boys with me to work today. It's so nice that we don't have to carry around a stroller! Mamon's walking on his own!

      For lunch, I only let him eat the veggies as the mushroom had soy sauce which wasn't GF.

      “It’s not how long the road is that matters- It’s about finding the power, the conviction, and the daring to reach deeply into your mind, heart, and spirit in pursuit of the secret world of a child lost behind the invisible veil of autism.” -Barry Neil Kaufman

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